Heal Spa

Allow your soul to travel

Our little sacred spa will be your place to pause, receive, seek, smile, contemplate and feel whatever you please.

Nestled over a reflection pond in a prime location on the property and surrounded by healing herbs and spices, let our therapist’s use their magic Balinese touch to take you on an enchanting journey.

Our seasonal selection of wild-crafted products grown in the heart of countryside Bali and locally foraged where possible. Our spa menu changes with the season…we have local classics lovingly delivered with something new for you to try each time you come back to Sanak.

Blended ancient potions, natural spring waters and healing rituals is the secret to Balinese beauty inside and out. Our apothecary bar is filled with handcrafted scrubs, moisturizing masks, herbal foot wraps and polishers. No additives, no chemicals and just pure Mother Nature. Seek, go deep and you will find whatever it is you might be looking for.

All hand delivered with love

Our Place at your Pace

  • Welcome Lounge
  • Spa Boutique/ Apothecary
  • 4 Treatment Rooms –open to the elements
  • Meditation Bale/ Yoga Pavilion

Our People


Our therapists have been recruited locally and have been through an intense 8-week course to master the art of a range of varied treatments. Their training is ongoing and where possible we will be working with energy workers locally and from abroad to enhance their skills to ensure that we are delivering a truly bespoke and authentic experience for our guests. Not so high tech but an approach that is high touch.

We also offer the opportunity to invite our local healer from the local village to our spa where you can experience mediation and reiki, palm readings, life consultation or even some simple yoga stretches.

Traditional style water blessings (Melukat) can be performed at SANAK by our temple priest – WATER for Purification of body, mind and soul. This ceremonies are an integral part of Balinese every day culture and we are blessed to have the privilege to receive.

Our Product


We have our products made by hand and small batch locally and where possible they are ‘BEYOND ORGANIC’.

Our signature range of products has been created by Jane Quinn who is a renowned Spa and Wellness veteran. Jane worked with the Sanak family and in consultation with village elders to create three signature blends. The range of Natural soap, body wash, Virgin Coconut Oil massage blends, Diffuser, Body/Face Aura Mist and Moisturizer were truly inspired by HUMANITY, KINDRED LOVE and our very own SANAK GARDEN.

Sanak Humanity Blend

Black Pepper, Cinnamon Leaf, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Clove Bud and Frangipani

We spent time with our Sanak family and asked them to think about different scents that they remember from happy times in their childhood- visiting Ibu and the scent of her garden, Dadong drying out clove in the sun on woven mats, spice scents from ceremony or the village warung – so this is a heartfelt aroma handpicked with the memories of humanity in mind.

Sanak Garden Blend

Tomato leaf, Cucumber Basil and Lavender

This scent is to represent the Kitchen garden, fresh, alive, delicious, food is thy medicine. Whether you want to cure large pores or reduce acne and rashes or soothe a nasty sunburn or simply to revive the glow on dull skin, tomatoes are beneficial in many homemade beauty treatments. Cucumber is cleansing and cooling and is grown in abundance by local farmers, whilst lavender is calming and Basil re- energizes and rejuvenates.

Sanak Kindred Blend

Cassia, Amber Essential Oil, Coconut and Spiced Vanilla

This blend heady and spicy island blend is meant to warm the heart and evoke a sense of kindness and gratitude for the abundance of love we have around us. Every morning our team will use this blend during prayer and ask for more loving kindness, which is a key philosophy of our small family retreat.

A glimpse into our treatments

Balinese “Local Style” Massage

 We have created a traditional Balinese style of massage harnessing century old traditions. Using lots of thumb pressure , long strokes, and intuition we will work on unclogging blocked Qi to encourage a greater balance of health, wellness, and deep relaxation

Sanak ‘Kinfolk’ Massage

Select from our natural essential oil blends of Kindred, Sanak Garden or Humanity with Virgin Coconut oil, then be ready to get pampered by our therapist. An authentic and pure ritual that will leave you feeling grounded, relaxed and connected to the spirit of Sanak.

Sanak Stone Massage

Our stones are energized in the moonlight each night. Feel the energy and warmth of the stone, laced in our smooth Virgin coconut oil glide across your body as our therapist’s use their intuition to knead your tired muscles into a deeper state of bliss.


Bali Brightener Facial

Let us return your skin to a deep state of bliss using essential oils and secret local techniques that will restore radiance and feed the skin. Your energy levels will be lifted with an integrated 30 mins of cranio sacral magic Sanak Style.


Feet Treat

Sanak ritual foot bath and a therapeutic foot and lower leg massage has been crafted to ease tired feet and stimulate blood circulation. We will gently exfoliate the feet to assist with prevention of rough, dry or cracked feet


Herbal Hand & Feet Indulgence

Sanak Signature foot bath and therapeutic massage is a combination of local sea salt, Virgin Coconut Oil and other secret ingredients from our garden, which helps exfoliate the skin, stimulate blood circulation, soothe and relax the arms and hands. It is effective for dry and mature skin with the aim to prevent wrinkle formation


Back, Neck & Shoulder

Our therapists use a long Balinese strokes that will improve the lymphatic drainage and circulation while the deep tissue techniques work into muscles to relieve tension and stiffness on your back, neck and shoulder.


Sanak Refreshing Scrub

Our scrubs are perfectly balanced to replenish moisture to the skin. The sublime texture of our scrubs can remove dead skin and with a few extra drops of our pure Virgin Coconut Oil can leave your skin extra soft and perfectly shimmery.


Jungle Wellness Food

Please liaise with our Retreat Manager and Chef who will be happy to create a natural jungle ‘living food’ style menu or a juice detox of absolute clean and untainted food to enhance your stay and wellness experience with us. From Baby Bamboo Soup to a Jungle Salad of wild foraged leaves…we will be happy to explore with you.

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