Sanak Explore & Adventure

We have searched this surrounding wonderland of sanak high and low. Our balinese co-owner pak gusti who was born in the local village has personally handpicked an array of adventures that will speak to your soul…his mission is to show you the real bali!

Below are a few suggestions of our handpicked explore and adventure activities that can be designed to suit you and your kinfolk. Blessed with being in one of the most diverse regions of bali you can do as much or as little as you like- the choice is yours.Rice paddy, lake, waterfall picnics. Rice paddy walks. Jungle and mountain trekking. Balinese boat rides. Jungle horse riding. Expertly guided mountain bike trails. Nature walks. Coffee culture crusade. Clove field and plant guide. Yoga & meditation. Mountain sunset cocktails & canapes. Ibu family kitchen table dinner. Authentic balinese cooking classes. High priest water healing. Hindu calendar celebrations. Healing & wellness programmes. Offering ceremonies. Artisan workshops. Sponsor a baby coral– we can always dream up more…

Explore Local


Our local village trek (kayu putih & banyuatis)

Banyuatis and kayuputih are renowned for their coffee and clove plantations and we have created a simple and humble trekking experience through rice fields to a local coffee plantation where we will see the traditional method of roasting coffee. After, we will visit a near buy clove plantation where you can see the traditional methods used to produce clove oil, clove buds and leaves. After trekking we will have a refreshing swim under a sublime waterfall and enjoy a picnic lunch near by. On our way back to Sanak we will walk through the traditional village of Banyuatis and Kayuputih. A great way to get some close up interaction with the local village!

Our tip: let your guide know if you would prefer to go more on road and local village or through rice paddies. This can be challenging for young children so we can arrange a driver on the way back. Advise either early morning or very late afternoon.

Banyuatis waterfall

Take off on a local trekking adventure through the rice fields to a sacred waterfall in banyuatis where the water is considered holy. On your way down to the waterfall you can purchase local spices and see farmers huts. A unique location to truly reinvigorate the senses and feel cleansed by nature. You have great photo opportunities on the way down of local jungle folk and it is a true aqua immersion.

Our tip: this can be quite a challenging walk for young children as it takes approximately 10-15 minutes down to the waterfall and is a little steep. However, it is well worth it and if you have good shoes you should be just fine. A good idea to go to the toilet up the top before you venture down!



Offering class

Ceremonial offerings are an integral part of Balinese daily life. Take time out to learn the traditional art of canang decoration, which you can take home with you or offer to one of the many Balinese Gods.

Explore Surrounds

Market bazaar and Banjar hot-spring adventure

Visit the traditional market in Seririt, which is a visual feast of local, wild-crafted seasonal produce and handicrafts. We will take you to meet some of our colourful suppliers and immerse you in the daily life of the village people. Following this, a visit to the healing and therapeutic hot- springs for a warming swim in the holy waters. If you love everything local, this is for you. If you want quiet time at the hot springs, we recommend you visit in the early morning and stay away on Sundays when it can be very busy with many tourists and locals. Mid- week mornings are the best time to visit so as to ensure you have a serene experience. If you love to mix with the locals than go midday on a Sunday…it has a great vibrancy about it and the locals are at their most relaxed. Note, that every 6 months, the community has a cleansing ceremony and they give thanks to the water God ‘Visnu’. On our way home a final stop at the Buddhist temple for a blessing and meditation time to calm and balance the senses for the evening ahead.

Our tip:Take bathers for your immersion in the hot- springs and towel.
Be sure to ask your driver to take the scenic route back (the road is a bit bumpy but it is worth it!) And stop along the way for some jaw dropping photo opportunities of the surrounding landscape. Drive back through clove, mango, and kiwi plantations- super green! If you want some nostalgic photos of traditional homes, than make sure you ask to drive through the Banyuseri village.



Historical Singaraja

Commencing after breakfast, we depart for Singaraja to see the museum displaying traditional architecture and sacred and ancient books made from lontar leaf. At the museum you will also see the sacred eKris, a wavy bladed knife believed to have magical powers. Then we will freshen up with a swim at a waterfall we will stop by lake Buyan to experience the view of the lake and mountains, and then to lake Tamblingan, where you will see an 800 year old banyan tree. This tree is sacred because it protected the Balinese people from the Dutch invaders by hiding them inside the tree when they were under attack.

Our tip: this can be quite a long day, but if you love local history and want to see some ancient relics and sites along the way then go for it.

Lake Tamblingan trek and canoe ride

A picturesque adventure where you will have the pleasure of commencing a trek from our secret drop off spot and enjoying a jungle trek through to the sparkling and mystical Lake Tamblingan which is surrounded by a local fishing village. Your guide will take you across the lake on a handcrafted canoe to visit an ancient holy temple. On return, take a stroll in the village and before heading back to SANAK you will stop by the majestic MUNDUK waterfalls.The wisdom and gentle energy of this experience will put you into an even deeper state of bliss.



Picture perfect rice terrace expedition

See the magnificent terraced rice fields and local people of Jati Luwih, where you can enjoy a picturesque walk. Then visit the traditional markets and botanical gardens at Bedugul, which is home to some of the best local farmers and produce. To finish the day contemplate the temple in the middle of Lake Beratan.

Our tip: definitely take a camera on this visit, as the views are spectacular.

Adventure local

Mountain Bike Tour

Enjoy biking downhill from Munduk to Banyuatis, those looking for a physical challenge whilst experiencing magical views immersed in nature should definitely try this out.

Our tip: ensure you wear comfortable clothing and closed footwear. If you have your own backpack, it will definitely come in handy too.



Munduk Wilderness Extreme Adventure

Go wild and embark on a day of driving through some extreme landscape in an open air KOMODO 4WD Buggy. This sturdy two seater utility vehicle can zoom over the most difficult terrain with remarkable agility, the traditionally hidden hinterlands now become accessible, ready to be xplored. The base camp is located in the small and friendly village of Munduk, high up in the mountain with gorgeous views, surrounded by numerous waterfalls, clove, cocoa and coffee plantations and stunning rice fields. This is the best choice for a truly memorable experience.

Tip: wear long pants. Prepare to get dirty. Ask for Mario- he rocks!

Adventure Surrounds

Botanical Garden Treetop Adventure

Set in the Bedugul Botanical Gardens- think suspended bridges, spider nets, tarzan jumps, flying fox, flying swings, and many more fun challenges for all ages. This tree top adventure park takes the meaning of ‘getting high’ to a whole new level. On the drive down you will enjoy the scenery of 3 major lakes: Tamblingan, Buyan and Beratan and a visit to Ulundanu temple is another add –on to the adventure.

Sacred Island Snorkeling

Snorkeling around the coral reef of Menjangan Island, there is an opportunity to see sea turtles gliding through the water and a vast array of colourful sea life. Menjangan Island is uninhabited, as it is known as a sacred island. A visit to the island temple is also part of this unforgettable experience.

Our tip: Please refrain from trying to touch any of the marine life so as to protect it in its pristine environment.

Sacred Island Diving

Around the sacred Menjangan Island, where you are likely to see some of the most beautiful coral gardens in the world, as well as turtles, and an amazing array of tropical fish. You can also have the opportunity to visit the Bali Bio Rock Centre in Pemuteran and Sponsor A Baby Coral. Sanak is a great supporter of this ecological initiative that has seen the regeneration of many coral species that have been close to extinction due to cyanide and bad fishing practices over the years.

Our tip: Please refrain from trying to touch any of the marine life so as to protect it in its pristine environment.



Dolphin magic Lovina

Rise early in the morning and our team will drive you to the sleepy seaside village of lovina where you will board a traditional boat to venture out to sea. Snorkeling is optional if you choose to get up close and personal with the dolphins. We do not encourage our guests to touch the dolphins however, and we ask our boat captain to stay within a fair distance so as not to disturb these wonderful animals in their natural habitat. If you love the ocean and its inhabitants, then this is for you.

Our tip: this is not recommended with children under the age of 5 years. An adult must accompany all children. We want to make your safety our priority so please always insist on a life vest.

Please enquire if you would like any extra touches added onto your adventure with us-

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