Spiritual Water Blessing

Melukat Water Blessing

Melukat is a Balinese Hindu ceremony which aims to cleanse and purify the body and soul. The word Melukat means ‘letting go’, to release negative energy through a religious ritual. At Sanak the Melukat Water Blessing Ritual is performed by our humble Balinese Healer Pak Nyoman at a secluded holy spring, a 45 min walk from the retreat.Pak Nyoman is the spiritual care taker of the “Kali Batu “ (Holy Spring). Together with Sanak and guest donations he created an oasis of piece, tranquility and spiritual balance.

At the Holy Spring

The water blessing lasts for about 45 min but its effects might last for a life time..
Since Pak Mangku, our healer lives just nearby, he loves to invite guests to his home for a chat and coffee. If guests would like to see him in private, they can have a one on one consultation in his temple.

Balinese Healers (Balian) are very common in Bali, so before going to a regular doctor Balinese would always prefer to see a Balian first. So Pak Nyoman’s house is always frequented by locals. Balinese Healing power is well known all over Indonesia and Pak Nyman is one of the finest, his house always frequented by locals from near and far.